Saturday, July 29, 2006

American Left -- looking through a glass -- cracked

In my other blog Water is Wet I wrote about seeing a leftist TV "news" program.... It never ceases to amaze me how VASTLY different folks see the world. Not mere differences of opinion mind you, but polar opposite perspectives. I see white and they see black, etc.

The differences are so vast and so intractable that one of us has to be wrong or lying. Of course, the left is so post-modern, so Nietzschean that they don't perceive their own shifting standards of liberty, morality, etc. They are just as fundamentalist as any snake handling cracker Christian from the hills of Tennessee -- they just have an ivy league education.

The apostle Paul said we all look through a glass darkly because we do not have the full revelation -- the disclosure of how things really are -- or should be. That's just Christians -- these folks are looking through a fractured glass -- and their view of reality is not just incomplete -- it's incoherent -- and it's to be totally expected. The world is irreconciled to its Maker.

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