Monday, August 21, 2006


It looks like Mel Gibson has been saved by JonBenet Ramsay -- or should I say her "alleged" killer John Karr. Gibson can now -- thanks to a rockin' lawyer who got him (rightly) to plea quickly and quietly -- begin his probation and hopefully his successful recovery in relative peace. Hopefully he can mend fences along the way also.

Karr seems like a worm who got a free ride home from a Bangkok jail. I won't however, be surprised if he's guilty of the murder. I do think he is a "wannabe" false confessor.

It strikes me every time how much the media fail to report real news. Where is the focus on the Iranian nuclear program? Possible North Korean nuclear tests? The Vermont woman who forced a landing in Boston while acting weird and who appears to have created a distraction for terrorists? 5 years on after 9/11 and our news is focusing on a 10-year old murder from a backwater town in Colorado and an alcoholic actor who said some mean things while drunk. Is it the culture or the media?

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