Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mel Gibson -- part deux

Mel thinks our civilization is on the decline -- linking Mayan human sacrifice to sending troops into Iraq in a "useless" war. I think Mel is still drinking. Of course this kind of tripe passes for lucid discourse in Hollywood it seems.

He does raise a valid question-- is Western Civilization waning? It seems ironic that the guy who was in Lethal Weapon 3 and 4 (1 and 2 are pillars of the West after all), Maverick and the Million Dollar Hotel would decry the decline and fall of western civilazation. More later on the decline of the west -- which I think the Iraq war delays -- natch.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Hugo Kruschev

Hugo Chavez is whacked out. The decline in world leadership -- and at least the appearance of statesmanship is a tad disappointing. Even a bastard like Hitler would've made the appearance of civility. Now Chavez is no Hitler -- but he doesn't even have enough couth to realize he has made an ass of himself. This stuff only helps Bush and the U.S. because it highlights the real differences between Bush -- who has class -- and the venomous, hateful Left (native and foreign).

Charlie Rangel and Nancy Pelosi came out condemning Chavez for calling Bush names. Spare me. Rangel is as communist as Chavez and a Castro sycophant to boot. Pelosi is just a dope. There is really nothing else to say. There are many Libs about which that can't be said. Pelosi is, however, as previously labeled. These folks have said worse things and more often that their anger at Chavez's attacks are suspect at best.

Monday, September 18, 2006


A student of mine, Kyle, died yesterday in a motorcycle accident. It just hit me this morning while cancelling class -- I couldn't get through the announcement. He was a great kid -- handsome, well-liked, beautiful girlfriend and a solid Christian. He was going to graduate this year. His poor parents -- my heart literally aches for them.

I looked at my 3 kids -- and I know this is cliche -- last night and I thanked God for them and asked His protection on them. I know they have to live their lives and go out into this world. Please God be with Kyle's parents and brother and all of his friends. Thank You for the promise of seeing him again down the road.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


There's an angry man over at Althouse who dropped the old "Religion has done bad things so therefore religion is bad"bomb . I responded I'm sure rudely, but I'm also sure ineffectively since such a man is beyond reasoning -- but not beyond salvation (even though he would find the prospect repulsive I'm sure).

The thing that irks me about that line of reasoning is the lack of integrity behind it. Don't believe in God? Fine. But accept responsibility for it. "Dave" wants to not believe, but then cops out and blames religion. Does he not have control over his own choices?

I'm sure somewhere in his past there is a hypocritical Christian parent, friends, lover, etc. or perhaps he's been in an abusive spiritual situation. Perhaps not. It really matters not I guess. I won't get into the mysteries of God's sovereignty and free will. We should, without being too prideful, take responsibility for our own thoughts and beliefs. In the judgment to come -- we will be judged on what we believed -- Did we follow Christ? -- not what others "made" us believe.

Friday, September 01, 2006

America the Beautiful

Tonight on Turner Classic Movies I was watching a Peter Sellers movie from the late '50s called The Mouse That Roared. Sellers (presaging his multi-role tour de force in "Dr. Strangelove....") plays the Grand Duchess, Prime Minister, and General of the Army of the tiny state (fictional) of the Grand Duchy of Fenwick -- high in the French Alps. Their main export is a specialty wine with their main trading partner being the U.S. A California vintner invents a knockoff of Fenwick's wine and sells it at a cut rate price thereby bankrupting Fenwick.

What is Fenwick to do? They request the vintner to cease and desist, but since they never recognized the U.S. gov't they have to go through Monaco's embassy. The PM has the brilliant idea to declare war on the U.S. since everyone knows that the U.S., of all states, will forgive almost anything. Fenwick will be defeated and U.S. largesse a la The Marshall Plan will save Fenwick from its dire straits. Suffice to say they invade New York City (with an army Henry V would've recognized), steal the Q-Bomb, and capture some U.S. military brass along the way.

I was struck by the attitude towards the U.S. I realize it was a comedy, but this Army fully expected to lose and then be taken care of by U.S. authorities -- indeed, they expected to be rebuilt fully and gain in the process of defeat by the mighty U.S. military. There was some social commentary about "the Bomb" and the absurdity of civil defense drills, etc., but the default position was ultimately pro-U.S. it seemed to me.

We still do this by the way.... "Losing" Vietnam and Korea was not just bad for us politically, etc. It had horrific consequences for the people of Vietnam and North Korea. Could these people be part of a booming "economic tiger" a la Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea? Perhaps.

This is not an advocacy for war or starting wars. I'm just noting that when we win wars we are exceedingly magnanimous in victory -- sharing our money, our ideals and our vast array of resources (material and otherwise). Are you listening Middle East?