Friday, September 22, 2006

Hugo Kruschev

Hugo Chavez is whacked out. The decline in world leadership -- and at least the appearance of statesmanship is a tad disappointing. Even a bastard like Hitler would've made the appearance of civility. Now Chavez is no Hitler -- but he doesn't even have enough couth to realize he has made an ass of himself. This stuff only helps Bush and the U.S. because it highlights the real differences between Bush -- who has class -- and the venomous, hateful Left (native and foreign).

Charlie Rangel and Nancy Pelosi came out condemning Chavez for calling Bush names. Spare me. Rangel is as communist as Chavez and a Castro sycophant to boot. Pelosi is just a dope. There is really nothing else to say. There are many Libs about which that can't be said. Pelosi is, however, as previously labeled. These folks have said worse things and more often that their anger at Chavez's attacks are suspect at best.

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