Saturday, September 16, 2006


There's an angry man over at Althouse who dropped the old "Religion has done bad things so therefore religion is bad"bomb . I responded I'm sure rudely, but I'm also sure ineffectively since such a man is beyond reasoning -- but not beyond salvation (even though he would find the prospect repulsive I'm sure).

The thing that irks me about that line of reasoning is the lack of integrity behind it. Don't believe in God? Fine. But accept responsibility for it. "Dave" wants to not believe, but then cops out and blames religion. Does he not have control over his own choices?

I'm sure somewhere in his past there is a hypocritical Christian parent, friends, lover, etc. or perhaps he's been in an abusive spiritual situation. Perhaps not. It really matters not I guess. I won't get into the mysteries of God's sovereignty and free will. We should, without being too prideful, take responsibility for our own thoughts and beliefs. In the judgment to come -- we will be judged on what we believed -- Did we follow Christ? -- not what others "made" us believe.

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