Monday, November 13, 2006

Democrat Shenanigans

The Republicans received a fairly well-deserved thumping in last week's elections. Leaving principles for power should be punished and it was if exit polls are to be even slightly believed. The problem, however, is that if -- besides Iraq fatigue -- the main issue was Republican scandal, as many polls seem to suggest, then what hath the electorate wrought with ushering in Speaker Nancy Pelosi?

She is backing Jack Murtha for Majority Leader. Murtha -- besides having gone whacky on Iraq is renowned for his up front whoring for campaign contributors. I'm no Pollyanna -- I know the drill. I guess in one sense I appreciate it because at least I know up front he's a weasel. That's only a part of the equation, however. It means Peolosi values personal loyalty above even the appearance of a lack of integrity. Murtha was also tagged pretty closely to the Abscam scandal -- where FBI agents posing as Arab sheikhs -- offered bribes. I'm no expert -- yet -- on Murtha's involvement, but it fits in to the general "flavor" of Murtha's character -- or lack thereof. I know he's a decorated veteran, but so what? Hitler was too. Fighting for one's country is an honorable thing to do -- mostly. But it is no King's X against being a bad actor. And it certainly does not immunize one from criticism.

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