Friday, February 16, 2007

Tuesday Night Light dimmed

Earlier I gave props to Friday Night Lights as a realistic portrayal of Texas football and mid-size Texas culture. No mas. The racial storyline recently is both laughable and insulting. In Tuesday's episode, the county sheriff's department of the town who lost the playoff game to Dillon chased down the Dillon Panther's football bus to arrest "Smash" Williams for an onfield brawl that had broken out. They were going to arrest him for aggravated assault -- a first degree felony in Texas carrying up to 99 years in prison. Williams is Black -- natch. Besides being insulting it is idiotic. It would NEVER happen -- especially in 1990s and later. Assuming all small-twon Texas law enforcement are racists -- which Hollyweird writers seem to -- they still don't like being sued.

Also a Dillon assistant coach made the usual asinine emarks about Black quarterbacks and white QBs, etc. Obviously some still hold those views, but it awakwardly written and acted. I will say they painted the assistant coach as a more complex character, but racial politics is idiotic in any case.

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