Saturday, March 24, 2007


of a brother can take so many forms. Denying him life-saving bone marrow is especially heinous.

I don't know the backstory on their relationship, but there's not much, if anything, that justifies this cruelty. This is the whirlwind we've reaped in our post-Christian post-modern Nietzschean society. There is no fear of the ramifications -- earthly or eternally -- for this act. She will pay for this -- here or in the hereafter. No fear of anything is just as dangerous as abject fear of everything. Sickening.

Friday, March 23, 2007

It's Official...

The Democrats are both foolish and cowardly. Notice -- I did not say traitorous. Treason requires some measure of courage -- the hint of danger. It's not admirable, but it's not the coward's way out either.

It is a short road to defunding the Iraq war. 218-212... Is there not one Democrat in the House who has the balls to vote for at least keeping the exit strategy somewhat secret? Is Joe Lieberman the only one who will not turn tail and run? This is potentially dangerous in the long term, not just in Iraq in the near term (which it undoubtedly is). Scoop Jackson, FDR, JFK, and Harry Truman must be spinning in their graves.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Huntington Library Constable Exhibit

The Huntington Library has a showing of John Constable works through April. All of his "6 Footers" are there -- together for the first time. I saw them last week. Awesome, though if you want to enjoy them thoroughly leave the little kids at home. I plan to go back before they leave. Constable's works were some of my favorite when I'd only seen them in books. Viewing them up close and personal has not diminished them. He is a fine example of 19th century Romanticism.