Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Partial-birth abortion

SCOTUS today allowed the federal ban on partial-birth abortion (D&X procedure) to stand. Hallelujah. It's small, but I'll take it.

Relax abortionists. Even if Roe is overturned (and I'm not holding my breath for that) you'll still be able to continue the slaughter in the majority of states that will allow it. And again -- babies will only be dismembered now -- not skull-crushed.

VA Tech

I'm sick of Cho's face on TV. This whack-job should neither be glorified in the media, seen as a "victim" or seen as a product of a sick American culture. FOXNEws actually shows his face while their sorrowful bumper music plays out to commercial. Sickening.

There are 32 victims in this massacre and one suicide. If only he had killed himself three hours earlier.... Cho might have been "depressed" -- certainly mentally ill, but nothing excuses this.

Nothing really explains it satisfactorily either. It's a mystery -- and we're not comfortable with mysteries. The problem of evil has been around since the beginning and will continue to rear its brutally ugly head from time to time. No, that does not foreclose post mortems on what happened, why it happened, prevention, etc. But it does keep things in proper perspective. Bad things happen. Period. I believe they happen for reasons though I do not claim to know what those reasons are. I have ideas on them -- wisdom, dependence on God, etc., but I would not claim to know th specifics -- especially lacking the perspective of time -- this just happened -- it's fresh. The older I get the more I accept the mystery of it "all" (as if my lack of acceptance of it could somehow change it).

American culture producing sickos.... I don't think we're there yet. Parts of our culture are disgusting, but I don't think most of it is. Americans are resilient and mostly honorable. Many will use this as an oportunity to bash us -- from without and within. My culture produced freedom, liberty, justice and honor, courage and commitment -- and on and on. Just because some of us wallow in filth and degradation does not taint all of us. Cho is a product of his own sick mind.

I won't even get into the gun control issues because they will come up shortly. Suffice to say -- it is my responsibility to protect my family and myself. No one loves cops more than I do -- I've dedicated my career to educating law enforcement, but I do not rely on them to protect me. They can't -- it's not really what they do. They catch offenders -- they don't regularly stop offenders before the fact.