Friday, August 17, 2007

Reason 1,769,045 showing the Bush Administration ...

is not what the hysterical Left believes it to be. A couple was awarded $80K for being arrested for wearing anti-Bush T-shirts at a Bush speech in West Virginia. Hat Tip to BoingBoing for the link. They post it without comment, but the obvious tone of the blog and the story is that "of course they were arrested -- that's what Bushhitler does." (ed. To be fair, they don't blame Bush, but it has the whiff this is the atmosphere created by Bush as opposed to federal thugs sent out by Bush -- unlike Clinton's IRS.)

Of course -- the proper perspective is that the system worked. These folks -- though rude and stupid -- have First Amendment rights and they were wrongly arrested for Trespassing. They were rightly awarded money (though we can quibble on the amount -- the decision is clearly the right one). The system works. Cop does something unconstitutional and wronged party is compensated.

I like BoingBoing. It is an interesting blog with some cool posts (some not so cool and often anti-Christian (or at least anti-evangelical) and strident reactionary lefty) on graphic arts, comics, steampunk, etc. However, they embody that snarky left attitude that is annoying at best and dangerous at worst. The other day they posted a 1994 interview with Dick Cheney (to the liveleak video) where he said Iraq should not be invaded and then the poster commented about a link between Saddam flying the planes on 9/11 as if Cheney thinks Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11 or used that idea to push the war. He did not -- never has. 9/11 did change the way he looks at the world. Only an idiot -- or one safely ensconced in LA, SF, NYC, or Austin -- does not see the world any differently.

I recommend BoingBoing highly. When they stick to what they know -- copyright, art, comics, and cool stuff -- they are right on. Politically and on religious matters... biased to the point of muddleheadedness and unfairness. A healthy suspicion of government is necessary. A paranoid delusion that the government is out to get us all is weird.

Ironic that they excoriate Bush at many turns and yet they continue to operate and work out in the open? Hmmm... I bet they make above average salaries too. Amazing!

Oh well. How dare they not be perfect! Mark F very nicely and timely responded to a couple of my e-mails so as usual -- some is lost in translation on the Net that would not appear to be so snarky in person. The Cheney link and this one just got my goat and since they don't have comments and I don't want to pester them with e-mails....