Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mike Huckabee Defends Obama AND Jeremiah Wright

Anybody stumbling across this little corner of the blogosphere already knows the Obama and his preacher's racist and anti-American rants so I won't rehash that too much here. This story from ABC News about Mike Huckabee shows why he was wrong for the job of President. He is the prime example of milquetoast Christian trying to be "nice" and tolerant.


What Wright said and continues to think and believe is indefensible. I may not remember every sermon I've heard in my 35 years of Southern Baptist-hood, but I know enough to get the gist of what I've been hearing in any church of which I've been a member for awhile. Obama's claims of not hearing these things are weak at best.

I am tired of hearing of race. Enough! Liberals have used race as a weapon and it is finally backfiring on them. It is about time. Maybe now we can finally move past race.

Racism does exist -- I'm no Pollyanna, but Obama went to Harvard, makes more than I most likely ever will and is in the most powerful Legislature in the world and might become the most powerful man in the world. How exactly has he been disadvantaged? Anyone else would be lambasted for hanging out with an idiot -- a racist idiot like Wright -- and rightly so. Why should Obama get a pass? And -- who is Mike Huckabee give him one? We dodged the Huckabee bullet this time, I hope we miss it again when he comes around in 2012 or 2016.

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