Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Not a Patriot

I'm tired of Democrats and liberals actively working against U.S. interests and those of our allies and then whining when someone calls into question their patriotism. Introducing Democratic Congressman from Massachusetts James McGovern -- not a patriot.

McGovern has been actively pursuing contact with FARC in Colombia. FARC is a Marxist gang that controls a significant chunk of Colombia, aids the international drug trade (cocaine and heroin), and would spread rebellion throughout South America if ti could, and is aided by Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. McGovern is a despicable human being if this is even half true. There is nothing wrong with being against the Colombian Free Trade Agreement -- I'm quite certain there are many legitimate beefs against it. Trying to isolate the legitimate President of another country because you disagree with Bush's program is foolish at best -- treasonous at worst. In any case -- dealing with the likes of FARC is detestable.

Update: more here at Heritage Foundation's blog. h/t: Instapundit

Apparently the good people of Massachusetts don't pay enough attention to their politicians or maybe they're not so good.

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