Sunday, April 06, 2008

Charlton Heston is Dead

Charlton Heston died from Alzheimer's complications last night here in California. He literally was the last of a dying breed -- a Hollywood actor who had real bravery -- championing civil rights in the 1960s when that could cost one jobs. This vidcap image of his dying scene in The Omega Man is why I liked his version, better than I Am Legend. He got it -- the message behind sacrifice.
Was he hammy? At times. Was he a Movie-star? He is up there with John Wayne. All-American all the time and with graciousness to burn apparently.

A few years ago George Clooney ridiculed Heston because of his Alzheimer's. In my weaker moments, I wished Clooney would get it. Heston probably never did wish that.

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