Sunday, May 18, 2008

Interview with Chief Judge of CA Supreme Court

From the LA Times -- Chief Justice Ronald M. George talks about his majority opinion granting gays the right to "marry" in California.

A revealing bit:

George said he had voted to void the marriage licenses because he did not think they should be "in limbo" while the courts tackled the constitutional issues. Once he took up the constitutional challenge, he said he did not permit any consideration of political fallout.

"I am very fatalistic about these things," he said. "If you worry, always looking over your shoulders, then maybe it's time to hang up your robe."

Excuse me? Judges are not supposed to be too intertwined in politics, but they are not supposed to set aside all political considerations either -- especially 61% of the electorate on an issue that changes a social institution that is thousands of years old. When a judge stops looking over his shoulder -- THEN it's time to hang up the robe.

He also penned a decision overturning parental notification of abortions for minors back in the mid 1990s. Why do Republicans keep appointing judges who are not conservative? Chief Judge George keeps drawing parallels with the "plight" of gays and the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 60s. I won't rehash the logical holes in that comparison here, but it does highlight the problems a judge can cause when he becomes a crusader instead of a neutral arbiter of real controversies. This decision might be a continuation of our slow decline into a totalitarian state if we don't wake up. His view, you see, is superior to the people's because he has "evolved" "progressed" even. The time was right for him to substitute his views for ours.


monkey said...

little bit off topic here Troy but Charles Martel, what a guy, you have yet again educated me in history.
Thank you for this.
great blogging this is why read.

Troy said...

Thanks monkey. I wasn't sure what to call my blog so I love Charles Martel and thought I'd have multiple blogs. Multiple children and multiple classes make that a dream.

The Peepshow reflects one of my other loves -- arts and humanities.

monkey said...

yeah just checked out the peepshow and yet again iv come away with something interesting. my partner and i went to Italy over a year ago, visited Lucca, Piza and Florance so related to it straight away. we should be going back again later in the year. cant wait to go back.

Troy said...

must be nice to be so close to all that. Far away here in SoCal and even worse with the tanked dollar. I have yet to get to Italy. I've got all that art to see and an uncle buried near Anzio (from WW2).