Thursday, May 22, 2008

Modern Slavery

Former Miami middle school teacher Maude Paulin and her mother Evelyn Theodore were sentenced to prison by a federal court for enslaving a Haitian girl.

Maude's plea:

"I love Simone with all my heart," Paulin said. "Unfortunately, I can't change what is already done."
More from the Orlando Sun-Sentinel:

Celestin, 22, who testified at trial that Paulin forced her to sleep on the floor and work 15 hours a day, sat quietly in the back row.

At trial, Celestin testified that she was brought to the United States from Haiti when she was 14 and never enrolled in school.When she failed to finish her long list of chores, Maude Paulin and Theodore would beat her with "anything handy," including shoes and kitchenware, Celestin said.

This is just a taste of an enormous problem worldwide. Slavery is alive and well in the world. It's not the 19th century chattel version and it's not limited to a couple of continents. It is one of the dark sides of globalization.

My colleague and good friend has a lot of slavery info on his blog over at SoCal Theologica.

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