Sunday, May 18, 2008

Prince Caspian: Mini-Review

I went this morning with my oldest son and onliest daughter to see Prince Caspian. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a bit long for my 5-year old daughter though she did warm my heart by continuously -- and anxiously -- asking when the "war scenes" were coming. My 8-year old son loved it. I doubt he thoroughly appreciated the themes of justice, courage, redemption, et al., but CS Lewis probably wouldn't have expected him to and besides all that; most of the time those things are there for those who are looking -- like the Christian themes.

I noticed a couple of reviewers were worried about the watering-down of Lewis' Christian themes. Perhaps a bit, especially with the ham-handed "romance" between Caspian and Susan. Susan -- in the book -- is more devoted to Aslan than any puppy-love, but it was a few jokes sprinkled throughout the film and a brief scene at the end and it all blew over. "No harm no foul" as they say in basketball. Aslan also made few appearances and it looks like the director resisted the temptation to turn him into a plush-toy. There were moments where he could've been trivialized, but the director resisted nicely enough. Eddie Izzard had some nice moments and Peter Dinklage is out and out a fine actor.

I highly recommend it. Edmund and Lucy especially shine and the action scenes -- including a single combat scene -- were really well done.


Robert M. Lindsey said...

I followed your link from Libertas. I like your comments there. I am wondering what "age cut-off" do you think for this movie? I have 4 boys, 12, 11, 7, and 6. The two older boys will be OK, but what about the younger two?

Troy said...

Hi Robert. Thanks for posting. Sorry for the delay work's hectic today!

I took my 5 year old daughter and the length affected her more than anything else. My 8-yr. old son loved it. as did my daughter.

There are some scary images (I hate to say what to ruin a surprise) and there are two huge set piece battles sort of like LOTR Two Towers, but the Minotaurs, etc. seem less scary than Orcs to me. There's no gore and all of the killing is in the context of battle or else is obviously evil.

I thought it was on a level of Lion, Witch, etc., but more.