Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Semper Fi

The SF Chronicle via SF Gate, in a story that must drive them crazy, reports that the U.S. Marines met 142% of its recruiting goal. All other services also exceeded April recruiting goals. It is an AP Press Report, but they're just as unhappy.

Reporter Pauline Jelinek's conclusion as to why:
Recruiting is easier in a slow economy, which limits other job possibilities that are available. But officials also noted that the Army and Marines have added recruiters as well as bonuses and other special benefits to attract more recruits in the midst of the unpopular war in Iraq.

That's right -- the first sentence of that paragraph is her "reporting" -- not a quote from a Code Pinko. Nice writing Pauline!

I guess school wasn't an option since they're too stewpid for the vast -- and cheap -- array of community colleges and tech schools available for these great unwashed.

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