Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Disabled Teacher's Service Dog Threatened

Let's all say it together now... "by a Muslim student." The student teacher needed the dog to protect him when he has seizures. Muslims think dogs are unclean animals and a Somali high school student reportedly threatened to kill Mr. Hurd's dog.

This was in Minnesota! The Somali Muslim student should be severely disciplined and expelled from school. His father ought to handle it, but I'm sure the usual CAIR lawyers and media machine will work its magic and the superintendent and principal will cave in and somehow Mr. Hurd will have to compromise while this student now learns that he can threaten even a disabled person's service animal and get away with it. Hurd was given credit for 10 of his 50 hours of student teaching in exchange (probably from his lawsuit -- which he should file if for no other reason than to bring this punk to a brighter light0.

This would be ridiculous if not true and becoming more common.


monkey said...

you learn by this, go home trade you dog in for a rotwieller* and train it to protect you properly.
next time the muslim comes along lets see how fast he can run.

*spelling error im sure.

Troy said...

I agree. A "rottie" (I'm not sure of the spelling either) would do the trick.