Monday, June 23, 2008

Don't Tread on Me

Forvik's Flag

This story is awesome. The tiny island of Forvik, off the Shetland islands in the UK has declared itself a crown dependency and no longer under the sovereignty of the UK, or the EU.

I forgot to mention it has a population of 1. Everyone once in awhile someone like this pops up and they're called a kook or whatever. Maybe he is kooky. I like to think he's part of a larger movement to move away from centralized statist government and back towards a more traditional social contract.

A picture of our nice new tax free haven.

Good luck and Godspeed to tiny Forvik.

UPDATE: Commenter A Forvik Citizen informs me that the above is not a picture of Forvik, but of a place called Weisal. I assume he's correct, but I assumed the media was correct when they placed the photo with the story. Mistake #1 on my part -- trusting without verifying the mainstream media.


a Forvik citizen said...

This is a picture looking down to weisdale not Forvik.

Troy said...

That's what I get for trusting the media. This was the photo that accompanied the story.

Thanks for the comment and good luck in the new venture.

monkey said...

this is great, i think ill go and claim asylum see what i get.

Thanks for your comments troy.