Wednesday, June 18, 2008

John Piper on Democracy

Pastor John Piper, in light of the recent disastrous Supreme Court decision granting habeas corpus to enemy combatants, finds the silver lining. He is, of course, right.

Thank God we live in a place were human power is restrained (though we could restrain the Court a bit more). The whole thing is linked above. Here's a taste:

The Supreme Court rendered a decision last week concerning Guantanamo Bay. Unlawful combatants there now have constitutional habeas rights (protection from unlawful detention). The decision was considered a rebuke to the Bush administration and the way the armed services are doing their work under his leadership.

Here is what amazes me and awakens thankfulness in my heart to God. I heard the president from Rome speak these words: “We will abide by the Court’s decision. That doesn’t mean that I have to agree with it.”

Don’t let this go by without wonder and gratitude. Here is the most powerful leader in the world standing in public in the middle of Europe and saying for the whole world to hear that some of his decisions are nullified and his authority is curtailed and that he will submit to it.

Imagine such a thing in Myanmar or North Korea or China or Vietnam or in a half a dozen African regimes. Unthinkable.


Robert M. Lindsey said...

President Andrew Jackson said something like "(Justice) Marshall has made the ruling, now let him enforce it, if he can." Bush is a much better man than Jackson.

Troy said...

I agree Robert. When the man is trustworthy the ability buck the Court is great. In the hands of an FDR or Bill Clinton... I'm not sure where the bounds are. But it is amazing that the most powerful man in the world can refuse to act when he disagrees with something -- and that all of them have overwhelmingly -- even the bad ones. That is the exceptionalism of our system.

I'm against the decision by the way and think it will result in more dead enemy combatants (why arrest them when killing them on the battlefield is easier?); more torture since many of these folks will just be shipped back to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc. Where would you rather be a prisoner -- in a U.S. prion in the Caribbean or in Egypt? I'm also not against more dead terrorists -- just find it ironic that the Left doesn't see it.