Tuesday, June 03, 2008

William of Orange, Madison, Bismarck, and Bono?

United States of Africa? Perhaps Bono has a point. He argues that it could ameliorate tribal rivalries and identities thus facilitating positive change there.

He may be on to something -- and he sure seems to like and appreciate the United States.


monkey said...

Bono is a a Tit!!
Not a bad idea but still hes a Tit.

Troy said...

Awww he's a bit arrogant. Everybody has a major fault For a guy who has been adulated for almost 30 years I'm surprised he's as down to earth as he is. Same wife for over 20 years; 4 kids; actually has done missionary and relief work in Ethiopia, El Salvador, etc. He actually reads the Bible and other real books. I wish other stars were Tits like that.