Tuesday, July 08, 2008

2 Books Down... One Up

Just finished 2 books...

Weigel's Faith, Reason, and the War Against Jihadism: A Call to Action is a crisp little book. It packs a huge wallop in 157 pages. He outlines 15 lessons all of us in the West (the U.S. specifically of course) should draw from 9/11. He was preaching to the choir with me, put he puts things so succinctly it is a great refresher (a "call to action" as the title says). This is a great book to buy for others -- especially for those who are possible 9/11 Republicans -- Dems who are reasonable... Hitchens, Ron Silver types. Maybe not Hitchens as Weigel is a devout Catholic and advocates religion as one of the major cultural tools to fight this war. I'm using this as one of the texts in my Terrorism course this Fall.

Max Boot's book, War Made New: Technology, Warfare, and the Course of History 1500 to Today is also fantastic. I loved Boot's Savage Wars of Peace and this one did not disappoint either. I knew alot of this information already, but Boot ties it all together neatly and with great insight. Victor Hanson has a lock on culture and war, but Boot deftly deals with technology, economics, culture, etc. to show the transformation of the way wars are fought -- and how today's wars are also similar to yesterdays' wars. Suffice to say that technology is not the end all be all... good soldiering and competent officers will always be required.

Book I'm currently reading (and have had on my list for 20 years):


monkey said...

i like the sound of War Made New, and think ill have a look for that. i have recently started reading the book you recomened a while ago to me, Mere Christianity. Its a great book i like how its written.

off topic but do you know of any good books about The Battle of Thermopylae?

Troy said...

monkey... Glad you're reading it. His intellectual tone, obvious British sensibility, and rationality make it a powerful apologetic. American evangelicalism, which does a lot of good, can be off-putting.

Thermopylae... I've heard great things about Stephen Pressfield's novelization called "Gates of Fire" -- supposedly a compelling story and historically accurate. I read a book called "Spartans" by Paul Cartledge. It was fantastic. He has a newer book out called "Thermopylae". I can vouch for the author -- the book is on my list too.

I read a really good book called Persian Fire by Tom Holland. It focuses on the Greek battles from the Persian perspective. That was fascinating.

Looking for plane reads?

monkey said...

yeah, i spent an hour or so in the local book store yesterday and couldnt find a thing i wanted.

think ill be buy online now if i cant find these in the shop. think ill go for the Gates of fire and then the Persian fire.

thanks for the help.
26 days to go to states side.