Sunday, July 13, 2008

Can you feel it?

Football season is almost here.... I cannot wait.

1977 Cowboys Roster ... poster I had on my wall.


Robert M. Lindsey said...

I was just thinking yesterday that I'm ready to watch some football. And I have the poster from the Dallas Cowboys in 1979. Ed "Too Tall" Jones was boxing that year and Staubach was gone, but I love that poster.

Thud said...

As a Packer fan i've plenty to digest at the moment plus as a supporter of Liverpool the greatest football (soccer) team in the world a great new seasom beckons...double bubbles for me!

Troy said...

thud... I respect the Packers. Those were some great games in the 1990s between the Pack and the Cowboys (and ditto the late 1960s even though we were on the losing end). I watched a few episodes of a show called Footballer's Wives on BBC America... The show was soap opera crap of course, but I was struck by how similar pro sports are portrayed there as here. Investing that much in soccer is truly foreign to us.

Robert... I knew you were good people.