Sunday, July 06, 2008

Nanny-State Madness

The UK is now reaching into subjects' kitchens. Britons are wasting too much food. Be that as it may... is it really government's job to police this -- or really even deal with it? Does not PM Gordon Brown have nothing better to do?

All due respect to my sometime readers monkey and thud....

UPDATE (07/08/2008): PM Brown had a 6-course lunch and an 8--course dinner at the G-8 Summit yesterday. I'm sure he cleaned his plate. Waste not -- want not.


monkey said...

Our Prime minister is Scotish with no one to run for him in his own country. The guys has problems serious problems. Iv given up.

Troy said...

Stay in the U.S. when you're here. We need more immigrants like you -- educated and hardworking -- especially here in Cali.

You'll love Northern California -- not for its political climate, but it's real climate and scenery. The wine ain't too bad either.