Friday, July 18, 2008

Self-Defence in the UK?

Interesting post (with more links) over at Samizdata on perhaps the restoration of the right for the British to use force in defending themselves. Let's hope so. When you can't beat down a burglar in your own home without fear of prosecution you are -- by definition -- not free.

Stories from Britain of homeowners being arrested for "assaulting" burglars and muggers trickle out here and there. If Brown's gov't makes this change back to the way things ought to be, then it's a step in the right direction. It's important because those things often seem to find their way stateside.


monkey said...

this maybe so but how or what do we use to defend ourselves? Guns are a no no, Knives are a no no so i guess in the dead of night when a burglar comes a knocking its pillow fight time.

Troy said...

Pillow fight that sounds like a Benny Hill skit. Cricket bats... kitchen knives and cast iron skillets do just fine. When you come stateside -- you should go to a gun range. For around $40 you can get an hour and rent a gun and buy some ammo.

monkey said...

I will suggest a day at the range to Thud what a great idea.

Did i not mention that in my pillow case there will be bricks.