Sunday, July 06, 2008

Those Big Bad Corporations

They hate the environment and the poor -- except when they are cutting down on trash AND helping to feed poor people.

At least one grocery chain, Albertsons, has developed a corporate policy and program for donating the kind of extra inventory and perishables -- everything from computer disks to fried chicken and milk -- that used to go straight to the trash at a cost of $3,000 a year for one Eastvale store.

"The program was developed because the cost of trash fees has skyrocketed along with everything else," said Jim Gonzales, store manager of Albertsons in Eastvale. By donating all types of foods that are still good but a day past their sell-by dates, store officials hope to cut their trash expenses in half this year while helping out community members in need, he said.

Known as Fresh Rescue, the program maintains rigorous health and safety standards, store spokeswoman Lilia Rodriguez said. Qualifying nonprofits must either transport the food in refrigerated vehicles or use cooling systems and thermal blankets to keep the food fresh on its way to those in need, she said.

"The feedback from the families and groups involved has been overwhelming," Rodriguez said. "Clearly it's the right thing to do."

From today's Riverside Press-Enterprise.

Good for them... This is how free market capitalism is supposed to work. Albertson's will get fresher food at a lower cost than any gov't food program and with little to no graft I wager.

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