Saturday, August 23, 2008


I'm so proud to teach at an institution that produces such folks. I am truly blessed to not only teach, but to teach at CBU. Via my friend and colleague Jeff Mooney's blog is a post from International Justice Mission about 3 of our students who kayaked the entire Mississippi River to raise awareness about human trafficking:

Three men have just completed an incredible kayak journey down the length of the Mississippi River to raise funds for International Justice Mission and awareness for its anti-trafficking casework. Timothy Cahill, Ethan Johnstone and Justin Blomgren began their voyage in St. Paul, Minnesota and paddled 1,703 miles to New Orleans, Louisiana, where they arrived nearly two months later.

The trio set out on May 12, 2008 with the goal of raising thousands for International Justice Mission and educating people about trafficking in every town they stopped in as they traveled to New Orleans. The men, who met each other as students at California Baptist University, were inspired by IJM’s casework history of partnering with local authorities to free victims of human trafficking.
The rest is here. Also be sure and follow the links around. IJM does a lot of good and great work on a host of issues including human trafficking.

h/t: SoCal Theologica

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