Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Bridge Too Far...

Christianity Today -- online version -- reports on a recently aired UK reality show entitled Make Me a Christian. The Christians who were duped into this think the show is more harmful to the faith than helpful. Gee. Ya think?!? I'm not saying someone can't come to Christ in 3 edited episodes, but when the contestants are a lap dancer, a lesbian, etc. -- the show -- as many reality shows are -- is shown for what it is -- a gimmick.

I'm sure my brothers and sisters over there had the best intentions. I've read enough Theodore Dalrymple and enough UK media to see that they have the same moral rot as the rest of the West. But this is no joke and if British lap dancers and lesbians have the same profiles as American versions -- there's some deep unhappiness there that needs healing.

Also as usual -- the show focuses on sex and makes Christians look as if we're focused only or mostly on sex. Here's the Daily Telegraph story of a vicar from the show who sought to have her parts edited form the show. There lies the rub. Christianity is not a series of "Thou shalt not"s -- though holiness and morality are part of being a true Christ follower. It's difficult to convince me or others one's a sincere believer while living in direct and open and continuous violation of a fairly clear rule in Scripture (and I'm not talking about the more arcane parts of Leviticus -- that's a whole other series of posts) -- say adultery, gossip, lying, homosexuality, drunkenness, etc. This show seems to reduce the faith as "don't sleep with your boyfriend" "don't sleep with your girlfriend", etc.

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monkey said...

this is typical of british TV, they make very little woth watching and people with any common sense tend not to watch these reality shows and more as you canb see from the dwindleing ratings for the Big Brother.
I find this even more the reason not to turn my TV on, it shows that our society has no shame. Unlike the US we have to pay TV lisence to even own a TV, i refuse to pay this for these reasons. Its funny because you would never see such an idea focusing on Islam, so why Christanity?