Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dying Alone

Modern society, obviously, has a lot to offer in entertainment, stimulation, standard of living, etc., etc. There is a huge downside to modern urban society too. Part of that is a trend in more and more people dying alone -- with neither friends nor family. We're connected via Facebook or MySpace or IM or whatever, but with direct deposit, ACH automatic withdrawal for bills, online shopping, etc. people seem to be more disconnected than ever. The Guardian has an interesting story on this phenomenon in the UK.

There is a balance between individualism and community. While I love individual liberty and all that I think we may have moved too far towards individualism. Not only is it dangerous, it's sad. I think this phenomenon is also at play in the Church (with several exceptions). We so do not want to judge or be judged that there's no accontability or support

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monkey said...

I read something very similar to this a few months ago. Society has become almost obsessed with friend networks on the internet but then it seems to be a nice place to meet people without that first judgement.
Yes there are the obvious dangers but i understand that the youth find it easier to communicate in these ways. This being said the effects will in time cause a breakdown in communication face to face. We already see that children do not talk to parents as such and parents find it to hard to communicate to their children. Gone are the days that the family sits around the dinner table and actually talks. well in the UK anyway.