Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Everything You Need to Know About the Democratic Party

Jay Nordlinger over at The Corner linked this article from the Newark Star-Ledger on a delegate to the Democratic national Convention. Here's the kicker:

Maysoon Abdelhady says she is the perfect Democratic National Convention delegate.

"I was recruited because I'm a woman. I'm a Palestinian. I'm a Muslim. I'm disabled and, because I'm 30 and still not married, people think I'm gay.

"I told all that to the head of the New Jersey delegation but she said, `Excellent--you fill every quota we have!'"

That's just perfect. Not because she's passionate about her party or country and not because she's hugely informed on the issues -- she fills a niche by things she can't help.


Anonymous said...

You neglected to mention that my quote is part of the comedy routine I performed as part of Comedy Kabob. In other words its a joke folks and the NJ Delegation had no way of knowing that prior to my selection. Strange how things sound out of context.

Maysoon Abdelhady

Troy said...

Noted... thanks for dropping by!

Did the paper know it's a joke and report it out of context? A lot of jokes are that way. Now that I know it's a joke it's funny. As most jokes -- if they were meant literally would be quite scary.