Thursday, August 14, 2008

Proud Papa

Yesterday I took my family to Knott's Berry Farm -- an amusement park in Anaheim (and makers of delicious boysenberry products and jams, etc. in your grocery store). We had a great time though it was a long day (as it always is with 3 lovely little kids!) and I definitely recommend it as an alternative to Disney if you're "Disneyed out", looking for extreme roller coasters, or want to have fun and also want to save a couple of hundred bucks. That being said -- I love Disneyland and it is superior.

Anyway... my 5 year old daughter Sabrina rode her first major roller coaster -- the Sierra Sidewinder. Here's a video that captures it pretty well I cribbed off YouTube. My little girl is growing up.

Now we're going to gear up for California Scream and Space Mountain at Disneyland (when we get back to Disneyland).

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