Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin

I read this over at Doug Wilson's blog -- Blog and Mablog (I love that title) on McCain's pick of Sarah Palin to be his running mate. I love the part about Obama and evangelicals who would vote for him (emphasis mine).

On the level of political strategy, this was absolutely a brilliant move. Not only was it brilliant, it was brilliant on multiple levels.

First, all the early returns indicate that this has moved discontented evangelicals from "stay at home mad" voters or "hold your nose" voters to enthusiasts. I am not counting here the bedwetting evangelicals who were willing to support Obama, the most radical pro-death candidate to ever reach the national stage. I am not counting them because they don't count. Among real evangelicals, the kind who read their Bibles, the response to Palin has been striking. As I read the responses from various directions, I can only describe it, in terms of its impact, as an electrifying choice. Think about it. McCain has picked a stridently pro-life, devout Christian evangelical as his running mate. There is nothing else he could have done to mobilize conservative Christians for this election, and he decided to do it.

But her appeal goes well beyond evangelicals. I saw one news commentator this morning say (quite accurately) that Sarah Palin appears to have been manufactured in a "vote-getting laboratory." She is an appealing woman in numerous ways on multiple levels.

To deal with the obvious first, she is a pippin. She is a beautiful woman who wears her hair up and has those schoolmarm eyeglasses. So there's the hot for teacher vote, neglected so many times and so callously throughout our nation's troubled history. I am joking, and this is fun to joke about, but anybody who thinks it an insignificant vote-getter is blissfully unaware of the hidden twelve-year-old boy in half the electorate.

And she is the ultimate red-stater -- gun enthusiast, drill for oil now, for Pete's sake, devoted mother of five, athlete and former beauty contestant, son shipping out to Iraq soon, and "I baked a pie this morning, anybody want some?" In addition, her husband is not a mousy little pencil neck -- a commerical fisherman, an oilman, and snowmobile racer. As the governor, she calls him the "first dude."

She steals a good bit of Obama's message of "change" because she made her name by toppling a corrupt Republican establishment in Alaska. There is plenty more of that in Washington, so why not? Obama could try to come back at her with the "too inexperienced" argument, but she has more experience than he does, and she is number two on the ticket and he is number one. So, as a shrewd political move by McCain, this was right up near the top.

Follow the above link to read the rest. I think the Palin pick is a genius move too. Is she experienced enough? Perhaps not -- probably not, but to beat Obama a gamble has to be made. I'm assuming as a sister in Christ she prayed about this a lot before taking the slot. That doesn't mean she'll do well -- it just means she's supposed to be there.


Thud said...

4 days now and I;m still a happy chappy.

Troy said...

Same here... How was the holiday with monkey? Sounds like y'all had a great time.

monkey said...

what a great pick and it sure has made things interesting, however the news of the 17 year old daughter how will that play?

Troy said...

Hey monkey! I don't think the pregnancy will affect her much with Republicans. Liberals seem to be much more judgmental than Christians ever were -- and they don't even have a Bible to thump! :-)

I saw from your blog your trip went well. I hope you're rested up for whatever comes next.

monkey said...

Reading through it i thinbk she will do just fine and has stregthened McCain ten fold just being there.
The Trip was great absolutely loved every part of it. Tenbellies and I are saving to go back just need to work now. Term has started over here so work should start rolling in over the next couple of weeks, im well rested just getting over the last of the jet lag.