Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quo Vadis?

Here's an interesting post from Doug Wilson over at Blog and Mablog on those who idolize America and those who hate America. Here's a taste -- check out his blog...

One of the things we have to get straight is the right relationship of the Church to various manifestations of earthly civil government. And in our setting, in our time, we have to come to grips with American hegemony in the world. That fact is a given -- how shall we respond to it?

One common mistake is that of anabaptist pseudo-separation. Another is when the existing (unbelieving) structures coopt the Church -- in a grotesque reversal of the image at the end of Revelation, the Church brings her honor and glory into the city of man. The former is the Church against culture, and the latter is the Church under culture, and both are unbiblical and unacceptable.

Christians are called by Christ to infiltrate every level of every society they find themselves in, and to do so without the idolatrous commitments that surround them on every hand. If they are living in a time of empire, it is not ungodly compromise with empire to do this -- think of Daniel and Joseph, just for starters. At the same time, temptations to capitulate before the idolatrous pretensions will be common enough -- think of Daniel's three friends.

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