Thursday, September 11, 2008

Terror at Home

Here's a great story from The Irish Times on the notorious and vicious gang MS-13. "Bad news" is exponentially understated. We should be using military assets against these guys. I realize the Constitutional reasons why we do not, but maybe an exception needs to be made.

When they kill somebody, it's not just a case of three bullets in the head, it's usually by repeated use of a machete whereby heads and limbs are severed and left rotting in the mid-day sun as a chilling reminder to rival gangs not to mess or intrude on their territory. Tattooed from head to toe with gang logos, members also have their own five-finger salute in the shape of the letter M.

Drug smuggling from South America earns the MS-13 hierarchy what is estimated at several hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Robert Clifford of the FBI told USA Today in 2005: "MS-13 are the biggest domestic threat to US security." The problem has worsened since, with M-13 committing rapes, smuggling drugs, raiding houses, extorting money from small businesses, intimidating witnesses and savagely murdering and beheading whoever gets in their way, putting the activities of the Italian and Russian Mafia as well as the Chinese triads and Japanese Yakuza gangs in the shade.


Jason said...
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Jason said...

When I worked in the jail we had some ms-13 guys come through after the hurricane. They came in to work by day and do crime by night. I got selected to go to an FBI training on them. It is incredible how vicious they are. At last count we have 4-6 in the parish. We have people watching them pretty much all the time. I was pretty nervous at first considering I had a lot of contact with them when they first came in the jail. I was a classification specialist back then. Then you realize they are just like any other gang member. Well except they are like Hitler and Stalin and everyone else is like “our gang.”
Hey, we are riding out Ike...with the family. shouldn't be too bad, but Todd Gentzel is riding it out in Houston.

Troy said...

Yeah they spread like cancer.

Water Lion said...

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