Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some Wise Words Re Tony Romo

Mickey Spagnola adds some much needed logic to Dallas Cowboy fan nonsense about this being "do or die" season for Tony Romo.

Kudos to Spagnola. Romo needs support not slings and arrows. The guy is the quintessential American story... small school boy makes good by moxie, hard work, and some good fortune.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fathers and Sons

Here is a great blog post by John Piper about Robert Louis Stevenson and his father and CS Lewis and his. Stevenson abandoned his faith to his Father's lasting sorrow (at least until he entered the Father's presence). Lewis abandoned his father's faith to famously reclaim it later -- to his father's ultimate joy.

Amazingly, both Stevenson’s and Lewis’s fathers kept on sending stipends to their sons through the years of rejection. In spite of words like, “I am simply incapable of cohabiting any house with my father” (Stevenson); and, “I really can’t face him” (Lewis), the fathers kept supporting their sons.

Six years after his father’s death, Lewis wrote to a friend to catch him up on the last decade: “My father is dead.... I have deep regrets about all my relations with my father (but thank God they were best at the end). I am going bald. I am a Christian.”

Perhaps sending money through the broken years was the right thing to do. Perhaps not. What it shows is not approval, nor that the sorrow had disappeared. Rather, it reveals a kind of bond between fathers and sons that is the foundation of pain, not its removal.

I pray my sons Zachary and Joshua remain close to me (and I to them) and become close to the Lord. They have a child's interest in Him, but not yet the knowledge.... I need to redouble my efforts and my prayers.